How to Disable KDE Desktop Sharing Every Time You Starting-Up Your Kubuntu 10.10

Filed Under (Digital Ant) by ashardi on 12-03-2011

I recenlty installed Kubuntu 10.10 to replace the magnificent Ubuntu 10.10, get bored with the UI only. As from my previous experiences on installing Ubuntu family OS, on installing Kubuntu 10.10 we need some tweaks to get things running well, such as: sound problem, Wi-Fi and VGA driver not present, fixing splash-screen, and of course… to disable KDE Destop Sharing everytime I starts my laptop. *sigh*

To disable it, we must kill it… Yes, I did mean KILL it!. Then how so?

1. Create killer shell script for KDE Desktop Sharing application (Krfb):
$ sudo nano

2. Write this command to
> pkill krfb
, and save it.

3. Allow the script to be executable:
$ sudo chmod +x

4. Make the script run every time Kubuntu starts:
– From KDE Menu, open: System Settings -> Startup and Shutdown
– On Autostart tab, hit the Add Script button
– Browse, and press OK button

Restart your Kubuntu 10.10 for a test.



  1. Thanks infonya ya 😛

  2. I am interested in your style of writing, often I try to write but I get stuck, is there any tips to relieve the impasse in writing Hilman

  3. No tips… just go with the flow.
    By the way, your blog is better than mine 😀

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