Add Latest Python Interpreters to Aptana Studio 3 using PyDev on OS X Leopard

Filed Under (Digital Ant) by ashardi on 07-09-2011

OS X Leopard (1.5.8) came with pre-installed Python 2.5, so, when you trying to add Python interpreters on Aptana Studio 3 by clicking the “Auto Config” button, you will get Python 2.5… of course :-p

So, download the lates Python for Mac OS X from here: , and then install it.

Add the latest Python interpretes on Aptana Studio 3 by going to Preferences (Cmd+,) -> PyDev -> Interpreter – Pyhton .
Click “New” button, then click the “Browse…” button, and locate the Interpreter Executable to: /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/X.Y/bin/pythonX.Y (X.Y is the version of the Python), hit the “OK” button… and you are done.



  1. Thanks alot! Very usefull tip!

  2. Thanks! I was missing it is the file in the “bin” directory!

  3. When I try to use python located at:
    I get an error that states
    “-Using an unsupported version
    (Python and Jython require at least version 2.1 and Iron Python 2.6).”

    I’m on Mac 10.8.2 using the latest version of AptanaStudio3

    Any ideas as to why it’s not working?

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