Create GMail POP on Mail OSX Lion 10.7

Filed Under (Digital Ant) by ashardi on 12-04-2012

It’s kinda frustrating when such an important apps such as gets troubled you. In OS X 10.5, setting up emails works perfectly, especially Gmail’s POP, but in OS X 10.7 the create-email wizard keep using IMAP, I just want to use POP. Somehow, after a couple of self-experiment, I managed to create Gmail POP account on OS X 10.7’s, here we go:

  1. Click “File” menu, then choose the “Add Account…”
  2. Insert the required field, hold Option button on the keyboard, then the “Create” button will change to “Continue”, click it. If you dont hold the Option button, Mail will automatically setup your Gmail account with IMAP
  3. Choose POP as the Account Type, change Incoming Mail Server to: “”, click Continue button
  4. Tick on the “Use only this server”, and click Continue
  5. Click Create button, after the new account succesfully created go to Mail Preferences… (Cmd+,) and click on “Accounts” tab
  6. Choose the gmail account that you just created early, go to “Advanced” tab, and change the Port from 993 to 995, then untick the “Remove copy from server bla bla bla…  “, close the Preferences window, and click the Save button to wrap things up!

And we’re done. 🙂


  1. The problem has not been solved using a regular POP account.
    G-mail POP always worked from the very beginning.
    If you create a new account in Mail, you are given the choice of POP or IMAP, if you choose POP you can create an account, except that it will not get your mail. So I still have a regular POP account that does not work.
    If I use exactly the same settings (mailsettings) on a 10.6 Mac it works,
    it also works from my Iphone4S, and of course a windows machine, and of course if i were using g-mail. But not since the LION 10.7 upgrade and all its upgrades. The funny thing is, sometimes it works for a week, then for 4 weeks nothing with no changes to settings. Message I get is ‘password not recognized’ ..and you can enter it 10 x , still nothing.

  2. nggak ada postingan Bahasa nih mas?

    salam kenal dari Pontianak 🙂

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