Fix Macbook Pro Charger Dim Green Light Indicator

Filed Under (Digital Ant) by ashardi on 28-04-2015

Last night, I’m try to test some cheap USB cable charger on my MacBook Pro while the lid is closed, it turns out my phone does not charged, so I open the MacBook’s lid up and it doesn’t want to turned on. I tought it run out of battery, but the charger light indicator is going dim light green, and its not charging the laptop.

So, here’s the fix:

  1. Remove cable charger from MacBook
  2. Open the back-lid
  3. Open the battery connector cable from the mainboard
  4. Plug in the MacBook charger, it will turn on the MacBook (Google it for image location, because the placement is vary depends on MacBook type)
  5. Unplug the charger, make sure the laptop is turn off, and put back battery connector to the mainboard
  6. Plug back in the MacBook charger, if the MacBook is turned on, then problem solved!
  7. Shut down the MacBook, and close the back lid again.

If the problem still exist on step #6, probably you want to contact nearest Apple Store.

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