Fix Macbook Pro Charger Dim Green Light Indicator

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Last night, I’m try to test some cheap USB cable charger on my MacBook Pro while the lid is closed, it turns out my phone does not charged, so I open the MacBook’s lid up and it doesn’t want to turned on. I tought it run out of battery, but the charger light indicator is going dim light green, and its not charging the laptop.

So, here’s the fix: Read the rest of this entry »

How to fix MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.7 stuck on App Store

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First of all, I’m on OS X Yosemite (10.x.x) and I have this “MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.7” showing on my App Store update list. I updated it (restart required), it did restart, but the update is still there. I try to update it again, click on the restart button, but no process coming afterward. This is madness, I hate looking at annoying red circle with numbers in it šŸ™

So, here’s the fix: Read the rest of this entry »

Create GMail POP on Mail OSX Lion 10.7

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It’s kinda frustrating when such an important apps such as gets troubled you. In OS X 10.5, setting up emails works perfectly, especially Gmail’s POP, but in OS X 10.7 the create-email wizard keep using IMAP, I just want to use POP. Somehow, after a couple of self-experiment, I managed to create Gmail POP account on OS X 10.7’s, here we go: Read the rest of this entry »

ActionScript 3: Send GET/POST

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At the office, we recently developing some digital signage products, which requiring ActionScript to take part. So, here is a little code snippet of how to send GET/POST variables from AS3: Read the rest of this entry »

Add Latest Python Interpreters to Aptana Studio 3 using PyDev on OS X Leopard

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OS X Leopard (1.5.8) came with pre-installed Python 2.5, so, when you trying to add Python interpretersĀ on Aptana Studio 3 by clicking the “Auto Config” button, you will get Python 2.5… of course :-p

So, download the lates Python for Mac OS X from here: , and then Read the rest of this entry »

How to Disable KDE Desktop Sharing Every Time You Starting-Up Your Kubuntu 10.10

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I recenlty installed Kubuntu 10.10 to replace the magnificent Ubuntu 10.10, get bored with the UI only. As from my previous experiences on installing Ubuntu family OS, on installing Kubuntu 10.10 we need some tweaks to get things running well, such as: sound problem, Wi-Fi and VGA driver not present, fixing splash-screen, and of course… to disable KDE Destop Sharing everytime I starts my laptop. *sigh*

To disable it, we must kill it… Yes, I did mean KILL it!. Then how so? Read the rest of this entry »

Post-instalasi Ruby on Rails pada Ubuntu

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Jangan harap bisa bejoget seenaknya setelah berhasil install ruby1.9.2+rails3.0.0 (Ā cek cara install disini ), masih ada pekerjaan yang dibutuhkan buat menjalankan command rails pada terminal. Ndak ribet sih, tapi karena proses install ruby+rails yang mulai pagi dan akhirnya sukses pada malam harinya ( gugling-nya kurang sip >:) ), jadi ada error dikit langsung senewen :p

Singkat kata singkat cerita, setelah sukses instal rails ( $ sudo gem instal rails –version=3.0.0 ), diharuskan cek untuk memastikan instalasi sukses dengan eksekusi command: $Ā rails -v, tapi output yang keluar malah: /usr/bin/rails: /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1: bad interpreter: No such file or directory.
Solusinya, hapus file: rails pada direktoriĀ /usr/bin/ , karena yang dipanggil seharusnya pada direktori /usr/local/bin/, hapus juga file: bundle dan rake pada direktori yang sama.

Setelah itu, selamat explore Ruby on Rails šŸ™‚

trust me… it is not in a mac…

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Update Ubuntu dengan Telkom Flash di Akhir Bulan…

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Inilah azab yang terjadi dengan spid telkom flash di akhir bulan…


Artiinyaaa… kemungkinan dah donlod lebih dari 3Gb, dimana kalo donlod lebih dari itu benwit-nya dikurangi kata mbak yang di grapari :D, padahal pas awal-awal bulan rata-rata 200kB/s… semoga telkomsel segera mendapat hidayah… aminnn…

Pesan Moral Postingan Kali Ini :

Setidaknya Telkom Flash lebih baik daripada Spidi quota 1Gb yang telah saya tinggalkan… (kecuali modem ADSL-nya :p)

Tunjukkan Desktopmu! (serasa iklan…)

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Ini desktop di rumah (Ubuntu Ultimate Gamers Edition 2.0 – oprekan dari Ubuntu 8.10)

desktop rumah

desktop rumah

Lha yang ini desktop di kantor (Windows XP sp.3 – dengan icon Tango, serasa Ubuntu :p )

desktop kantor

desktop kantor

Pesan moral postingan kali ini:

Setidaknya desktop dirumah lebih bersih daripada di kantor, hehehehe…

Tunjukkan Desktopmu!