I Hate Blue.net

Anton Ashardi, a web designer, web developer and of course a dReamer. I’m currently live in Malang, Indonesia.
What? do you want to hire me for designing a web site? do you want me to develop own-made CMS? working on some information system projects? do some design things? YOU NAME IT!
I’ve been doing this designing things back in… I forgot :p… Let’s say, starting with Corel Photo-Paint which run in Microsoft Windows 3.11 and Adobe Photoshop 5. Then I started to build some web sites, with the old yet so fine text-editor called: Notepad. And then I decided to attach more of my computer skills with some coding stuff, starting with Pascal, C++, Visual Basic, and Borland Delphi. Do you master them all? of course not :p , but Web Development surely my expertise.

Already find something interesting? Please take a look at my portfolio and don’t hestitate to contact me, OR just browse around at I Hate Blue.net